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Gran Turismo Events  (English)

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den 28 februari 2021

Artikeln producerades ursprungligen 28 februari 2021, vissa fakta och priser kan har förändrats sedan dess.

Gran Turismo Events

This is the story about Peter Ternström and his company Gran Turismo Events. A company far more devoted to drivers than any other.

Born in Sweden and raised by polish parents, living semi-annually in Tuscany and Poland, Peter Ternström is a man of many cultures. He is a published author of books and travel guides, columnist in magazines and an avid private pilot. Besides this, he is also a passionate supercar enthusiast as well as the founder of the famous supercar event organiser Gran Turismo Events.

High-end supercar events for the world’s top 1 per cent

Since 2002, Peter and his team has been organising high-end events on famous racing tracks and road trips on the most beautiful roads in the world. The events include exclusive days on famous racing tracks like the Nürburgring and Spa-Francorchamps. Their track events are famous for their relaxed atmosphere and gentleman driving style.

Among the most popular events are the Weekend escapes, short driving events during two or three days, in Italy, on the Riviera or the Alps. Fantastic roads and luxury hotels compressed in a weekend escape format. For your convenience, a supercar of your choice is included. Fly in, enjoy a weekend in a convertible Ferrari on the Riviera, and fly home.

a cup of double espresso

It was during a weekend escape as such, looking over the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany (and his Lamborghini Huracán), Peter Ternström found that there was something missing to the scenery. Behind a cup of double espresso, he began to dream of a watch to accompany him during these precious moments in life. This led Peter to turn to his dear friend and watch engineer Mikael Sandström. As Peter preached about the timepiece he imagined, Mikael teamed up with his old partner Christer Sjöö. Together they created a vintage inspired watch equally suiting both on, or off, the track. A perfect watch for the gentlemen drivers of Gran Turismo.

two racing chronographs

After months of sketches, revisions and material testing, Gran Turismo have now presented two racing chronographs, each exclusively made in a limited series of 50 numbered units. The watches are produced in stainless steel with a sapphire crystal that will withstand a water pressure equivalent of 100 meter. They have a diameter of 40 mm and are fitted with a Swiss quartz engine. The Gran Turismo watches come with a classic racing strap in genuine leather or bracelet in stainless steel, and are delivered in a wooden gift box.